Saturday, February 6, 2010


Rain causes postponement. Look for DB1 to be rescheduled for March 6.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Confirmed for saturday the 6th: Ken, Chandra, Ryan, Jim, Bajari, JC, Matt, Mike Airola, Bruce, Nathan, Edward, Wally, Jung, Eric, Michelle, Jerome.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Done-by-One Special Edition

November 21st(I think), 2009. We celebrated the 50th birthday of our (very) old friend David Crabbe with his very own DB1. The tournament director rigged it so he was paired with his wife for the final. But the storybook ending would not be realized - winners were Vero and Sarah . But at least now there's a couple of "I won the done-by-one" t-shirts being worn around Santa Cruz.

Tourney #6

September 19th, 2009. Great turnout,great weather, and outstanding results. It got a little confusing in the end, but eventual winners were Kevin Griest and Cory. I'm not sure what Cory's last name is, but "Sandbagger" would seem to fit. We'll put him in the 'A' bracket from now on.

Tourney #5

May 2, 2009. We went back to a team format and met with inclement weather. Low rate of participation meant record high probability that Matt Morgan would win. But in this case, "record high" means .0002.
Actual winners were, I'm pretty sure, Dave and Jung.

Fourth try

November 8, 2008. A fall classic. This one I remember because a had a couple of friends from out of town. And this is the one Bob Spencer played in, in I think his only appearance on the beach that year. So much for the "tournament for people who would be here anyway."
The winners were, I'm pretty sure, Jason Companion and Kevin Greist. Kevin went on to win at the "A" level, becoming the first person in the history of the Done-by-one to win at both levels.

Third try

October 25th, 2008. This format allowed, for the first time, for teams to reconstitute at every round. This has become the favorite format. The people love it. And, it's still guaranteed to be done by one.
I really can't remember who won this one. I think it was Crabbe and J.C. Help me out here.